1. With over twenty years of experience in the mortgage industry, you will receive professional un-biased advice, a mortgage with the lowest possible rate that is structured for your financial needs for today and tomorrow.
  2. Access to over 15 mortgage lenders, all completing for your business
  3. Save time and remove unnecessary stress during an important time in your life with one-stop shopping. Our volume allows us to negotiate lower mortgage rates and offer better terms than a single lender.
  4. Annual Mortgage Review, all clients of Port City Financial receive an annual mortgage review free of charge. This will be a review of your current financial position to ensure all is on track , make any adjustments to your mortgage, according to your needs and goals and optimize your mortgage. Annual mortgage reviews can save you thousands of dollars over the life of the mortgage.
  5. Introduction to a Hedging Program to protect you from rising interest rates at renewal time. This program will be increasingly important, now that we are in a rising interest rate market.