Port City Financial is dedicated to helping its clients obtain the best mortgage financing, tailored to their specific requirements. As a broker with over twenty years of experience, I am committed to bringing you the highest level of service, professionalism and industry knowledge. I am able to provide mortgage financing for purchases, pre approvals, refinances, renewals, investment properties, 2nd homes, new immigrant & non resident, debt consolidations and commercial properties.

To ensure we can offer the lowest rates and have full access to all mortgage promotions, we are affiliated with The Mortgage Group Atlantic. This enables us to take advantage of industry volume discounts and privileges.

Our mortgage brokerage services are free in most cases, I get paid a commission from the lender for bring them consistent business. In the rare occasion where fees will be charged, they will be disclosed up front and agreed upon beforehand. It is our mission to provide you service that far exceeds your expectations and deliver a mortgage not only that has the best interest rate but will also address your future potential financing requirements.

At Port City, the funding of your mortgage is only the start of our relationship.