Curious as to what your mortgage payments will be? Use our Mortgage Calculator to the right to determine whether or not that property is perfect for you.

Total Amount
This is the amount of money you’ll need to purchase the property you’re interested in. Make sure you add in all related costs in addition to the cost of the property.

Down Payment
How much money do you have set aside as a down payment?

Interest Rate
You’re probably aware of either approximate current mortgage rates or what your actual mortgage rate would be. Enter the interest rate in this field.

Amortization Period
This is the number of years it takes to repay your mortgage in full. The longer the amortization period the more you will pay in interest; however, the shorter the amortization period, the larger your payments will be.

Payment Period
How often do you want to make payments on your mortgage? Check out the differences in paying weekly versus monthly.

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