Turn Your Home Equity into Opportunity

Considering refinancing your home? Or maybe your circumstances have changed. At Port City Financial will be pleased to work with you to weigh the costs and benefits to ensure it makes financial sense and most importantly, that you come out ahead.

Some reasons to consider refinancing:

  1. Free up cash to pay off bills or consolidate to one payment, one interest rate.
  2. Reduce borrowing costs on your current mortgage by securing or switching to a
    lower fixed or variable rate.
  3. Fund home improvements or purchase additional investment properties.

Deciding whether the cost of mortgage refinancing makes sense for you comes down to 2 basic questions:

  1. How do we best manage your cash flow?
  2. How long will it take before you start saving money?

Simply call and set up an appointment that’s convenient for you and let’s get your questions answered.

Call today to get started.