At Port City Financial we have over twenty years of experience in arranging mortgages for clients who invest in real estate. We have worked with the largest investment real estate companies across Canada and have funded over 2000 mortgages. Rental properties are more complex to finance and matching the right lender with the clients existing mortgage portfolio is critical. Most investors have more than one property or intend to purchase more down the road. So it is vital to set them up so they are not prevented from future financing requirements, flexibility is key. We work hand in hand with lenders, matching lenders with clients that have 3 properties or in some cases 15.

At Port City Financial we will not only arrange your current financial needs but also review your entire portfolio to ensure it is properly balanced and optimized.

Call us today for a free review of your current portfolio and allow us the opportunity to start saving you money and pay down your mortgages quicker.