For existing home buyers who may be purchasing a new home, looking to refinance their current home or switch their mortgage at renewal time. Port City Financial will exceed your past experiences and deliver a mortgage that meets your needs of today and tomorrow. We believe that for the client to get the best possible rate and protection, they start their mortgage renewal process four months prior to their renewal date. Most lenders sent out renewal options 30 days prior, leaving you little or no time negotiate and look around. This is no surprise and a good example of why Port City Financial can offer better service than the banks, we works on your behalf and protects your interests.

At Port City Financial we have access to over 15 lenders, many of which you will have heard of TD, Scotia, & National Bank , but there is a growing industry of competitive lenders, who can offer extremely competitive rates and terms. They include Street Capital, Home Trust, MCAP owned 20% by BMO), First National, Merix, Xceed Mortgage and TMG. These lenders have the their ability to access the capital markets to fund their mortgages, and operate on a lower overhead than the big banks. They are extremely efficient and very well run, mostly by ex bankers.

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