Before you “sign here,” talk to the Port City Financial.

If your mortgage is coming up for renewal, make Port City Financial your first call and let’s get a jump on the options.Today’s ultra-sensitive interest rate environment can be especially confusing. In fact, many homeowners simply sign their renewal agreement at whatever rate the bank quoted. Sadly, that’s exactly what banks count on. Don’t make this simple yet expensive mistake.

At Port City Financial we can demystify your options and negotiate the best rate on your behalf. If we start 4 months prior to when your mortgage comes up for renewal, we can ensure you get the best deal from your current or new lender. All part of our No Sweat approach to making sure the transition to your new mortgage is seamless and easy.

Start your mortgage renewal 4 months prior to your maturity date. Sign up for our Mortgage Renewal Quote and we will contact you prior to your renewal. If you mortgage is maturing in less than 4 months, call us today to start the renewal of your mortgage and start realizing the benefits of using Port City Financial.